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Have an event or retreat in mind for a group of your favorite people or customers?

In the past I've helped plan and lead curated dinners, wellness workshops, and more. 

(My bucket list retreat location is Tulum, in case anyone wants to join.) 

Let's be’ve tried random memberships, accountability buddies, and diets in the past that may or may not have worked.

Even if they "worked", the results probably weren't lasting. 

Get my full attention, my one-on-one coaching, specific nutrition and fitness plans designed just for you, my cheerleading skills (I was the cheer captain in high school - though I was homeschooled) and the accountability you need to implement the changes into your life.

I’m about a lifestyle, not a fad. Let me guide you week-by-week towards a new you: one that you’ll be proud of (and one that won’t quit!)

As someone who has spent most of her adult life working long (between 12-24 hour) shifts, mostly for large local government or healthcare corporations...

I WISH that my workplaces would have at any point offered wellness coaching and opportunities to learn about self-care. When I was going through the thick of burnout, I felt as though it was part of "the norm" and that I should just suck it up. It took a mentor of mine telling me that I was burnt out (crispy, I think he said) for it to hit home and for me to take action. 

If you're a business owner with employees, or a manager that has access to the yearly budget consider investing in someone who's been there (hint: it's me) to lead a talk or a series of talks on a holistic approach to wellness. 

Lets chat about it

Heck yes

don't mind if I do

"Marybeth does an excellent job at personalizing meal plans and workouts based on your goals. It is evident that she loves what she does and will motivate you past what you thought were your own limits so that you successfully achieve your goals. Delicious meal plans, great workouts, awesome personality!"

- itzel s.

I love love love working with Marybeth. I can’t say enough good things about her and her wellness coaching. She has such a sweet, bright personality. I look forward to every chance I get to work with her. She is a constant inspiration and motivation to me. I have worked with her for a little over 2 months and have noticed such a change in my mental and physical well-being. I hope to work with her for a long tome. She’s 10/10 the best!

-Jessica P.

"We had an amazing experience. We were able to change our lifestyle as a family into a more healthy one and set better examples for our kids. The meal plans were great and even the little ones enjoyed them. We would highly recommend."

- Motsinger Family

-Itzel s.

"I just want to say as a guy that has spent many hours in the gym training and going from diet to diet, working with Marybeth has changed my entire outlook on fitness and nutrition. Over the last several months I have had the great privilege to work with her as she helped to push me towards my fitness goals. If your just a beginner or someone that just needs a push to get back in shape,  Living Wells should be your resource. Don't make excuses anymore. Get off the couch, make good choices, and get someone in your corner."

- Matt w.

"Very knowledgeable and very hands on about bringing customers the best meal plans and training experience possible. I love the variety of meal plans that Marybeth offers just by knowing your likes and dislikes of certain foods, and still be able to make a very effective plan that you will thoroughly enjoy."

- De Johnson

"Finally, a nutritionist and trainer who "gets it" !! As someone who has tried many weight loss strategies and food plans, I was fortunate to work with Marybeth on a customized plan that was educational, innovative, and tailored to my needs. She provides everything-- meal plan, recipes, shopping list.... all after taking extensive notes to discover your goals and specific needs. Oh, and she is available by phone or text or email pretty much anytime for questions, encouragement and support... I was really surprised by her commitment to me and her other clients. I would definitely work with her again!"

- Wes s.

"Best personal trainer in the area !! If you are looking for a personal trainer in Winston Salem she is the best one around. She is so flexible and works with any area of your choice. She is willing to work around your schedule. She makes sure you do your best to reach your goals"

- Kelly p.

"Marybeth is an awesome coach and motivator. I've worked with her with meal planning and training and it's been a superb service. She has a wealth of knowledge and is always available. Most importantly, she genuinely cares about helping others."

- oscar n.

"My daughter has loved training with Marybeth and made excellent progress. We have also been doing her nutrition meal plan and it has made a positive change in so many ways."

-Dee Priddy

"LivingWells brings to the table the best, researched, rounded, and actually "lived" workout, recipes, and ideas that can actually be used in real life. The owner listens to the needs of the client and develops a useful, tailored plan to get results. Ms. Wells has put years of medical experience and her athleticism into her programs. She doesn't ask anything of her client that she hasn't truly tested and tried herself. Rest assured, what you get from her will be quality from beginning to end. Bring your "A" game, because she will to insure your satisfaction."

-Michael W.

"Marybeth is fantastic. She has a vast knowledge of nutrition and exercise and will motivate anyone to do their absolute best. She dedicates herself to everything that she does and that includes her clients!!!!!"

-sam p.

"Great programs and wonderful instructor. Plus most of the recipes are phenomenal I highly recommend if you want to get fit but are limited on time."

-Ryan s.

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FEBRUARY, 19 2019

Plant based crowd- pleasers

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JANUARY, 28 2019

I have in the past, and would love to again. Stay tuned!

do you ever do online group coaching courses?

Think of all of the buzzwords, supplements, health foods, exercises, and ingredients you never understand or that intimidate you. Now imagine having a BFF to guide you through all of it and set goals along side you. That's me.

what are the benefits of private wellness coaching?

For the time being, it's a no. I LOVE cooking for those that are in my life (it's my love language, folks) and developing new tasty recipes for brands, my private clients, and my own tastebuds. Right now it doesn't make sense to be tied to any one location. That being said, keep an eye on my event page for pop-up cooking classes. 

will you ever open a restaurant or sell the food you make anywhere?

This always has been, is currently, and will likely always be a hard no for me. Just like I mentioned above, I take pride in controlling the values of my own brand. Pushing product for someone else's brand isn't business owning, it's a sales job. If you own a brand and would like me to honestly review your product, I'll be happy to share it with my followers as long as it aligns with my values. 

Do you want to be a rep for my MLM? (lipsense, itworks, beautycounter, young living, etc.)

Never have, probably never will. The beauty of owning your own LLC is having complete control over your own business goals and values.

do you work for a gym or anyone else?

No, I don't. This is a purposeful decision that allows me to serve clients all over the U.S. and world in a virtual setting. While I do have a few in-person training clients that I utilize local spaces for, the majority of private wellness coaching is virtual. 

Do you have a brick and mortar location?



As much as I would love to say yes, sometimes that's a no. I'm one (very multipassionate) person who takes on new clients at the rate that allows for my greatest work and a balance in my own life.